Brotherhood Pictures

An Original Feature Film

Written & Directed by Marc Hampson

Brotherhood Pictures presents • an Aaron Fairley Production • A Marc Hampson Film • Starring Ace Marrero, Erik Bogh, Vanessa Rose Parker & Ryan Schwartzman

Trailer coming soon...

The Film is currently in the final stages of  Post-Production with an expected release in early 2018. 


In the final days of December 2013 the Brotherhood Pictures crew packed up their bags, loaded up the trailer and drove from Southern California to Northwest Arkansas to film their fourth original independent feature film deep in the cold winter woods with an intimate and dedicated cast and crew.

'The Man in the Trunk' was filmed over 9 days into January 2014 on location in Winslow and Fayetteville with a single pick up day back in CA later that summer.

The Story

On an otherwise quiet night there is a startling knock at the front door. Andrew Tucker answers to find an old friend whom he hasn’t seen in years. The disheveled and long absent man comes to him with one request - "I need you to come with me, but I can’t tell you where we’re going.” Andrew takes a chance only to learn that every answer brings more questions as he journey's deep into the woods. 

Nothing good ever comes knocking after midnight and Andrew’s nightmare asks how far you would go to help a friend.